We bring you this year’s latest share of new features in Evolio . Santa Claus was generous to everyone this year (and our programmers are diligent), so even before unwrapping Christmas Day gifts, you can enjoy a share from Evolio.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here are the main changes:

  • The possibilities of reporting work within lawyer’s tariff
  • Work with overview of files is documents
  • Automation and more EPR function have greatly expanded again in Evolio
  • Insolvency applications now have their own editor
  • Evolio Synchronizer is officially released on Mac App Store



Reporting work with the lawyer’s tariff

We have added a number of innovations for the files charged by Decree 177. We must warn you at the outset that it will be released in a few days one small update , which will solve some details and immediately incorporate the first comments of users from live traffic.

Calculation of non-contractual remuneration

In the settings for the file, a section concerning the calculation of the remuneration according to the tariff value has been added.

Billing lawyer tariff in lawyer software


Record work with all the details

The biggest change comes with job registration. You now have the opportunity to conveniently enter all the information needed for the job report.

Registration of an act according to the lawyer's tariff of Decree 177


Overview of reported work for the lawyer’s tariff

The work reported according to the tariff has its specific data and therefore now has its own table in the overview of reported work. We will gradually improve it.

List of reported work of a lawyer according to Decree 177 in the information system for lawyers


Working with law files is more efficient

Overview of files

The table listing the cases was becoming less flexible for some users. That’s why it got extra

  • New column with labels
  • The Last Action column, thanks to which you know what to do happened for the last time without having to open the file
  • Table sorting can now be set in the column header

Overview of files for lawyers in the Evolio system

An overview of writings this time innovatively

To the overview electronic files we’ve added a brand new display, technically called Kanban. It is a system of panels / boards that allows a different view of the same data. This depiction made the popular Trello famous.

The lawyer’s files are divided into columns according to your requirements. You are interested in more condition, type of case or its label? No problem Evolio arranges them exactly as you wish.

Project tools in software for law firms and debt management

We are strengthening the Action button

We’ve expanded the list of actions so that you don’t have to look in the file where the function runs.

Actions in the law file

More intuitive data messages

If the addressee has a file mark assigned to his name, Evolio will add this mark from the file directly to the field for newly created data sheets. . It does not have to be just the courts, but also the police, prisons, etc. In the event that more marks are registered in the file (in the EPR court and other proceedings), the active one is selected preferentially (a yellow dot lights up next to it).

Data message in the law system



Tuned Documents

Right information system for law firms should be user-friendly. That is why we improve Evolio on the basis of ideas that we collect both during training and technical support. We have improved the work with documents with a few new features aimed at simplifying the user’s life 🙂

Generate where you are looking for it

To create a new document from a pattern, it was always necessary to first go to Activities, create an event and then select the correct document with printing parameters that you want to add. Now all you have to do is use the button in the file overview Action (we have already mentioned it above). Just select an item Create a document and Evolio opens a selection of document templates. Simultaneously with the document, an act of the same name is created. Each document can be created directly from Evolio, which is important for job reporting in a law firm.

Creating a document in a program for lawyers

Create a PDF and keep the original document

We have received several suggestions from you regarding the preservation of the original file in Word even after its conversion to PDF. That is why we bring you another fulfilled wish: In the document menu, you now have the choice of whether you want to keep the original .docx file or not.

Document transfer for advocacy program

Bulk edits a little different

To maintain the greatest possible simplicity in the use of Evolio, we have decided to adjust the way we work with more documents . You can now click one or more documents at any time and use the function menu in the button Action .

Mass events for lawyers

Orange = new document

Now you will definitely know which documents are new. In addition to the small highlights next to the title and in the right corner, the entire document is now highlighted in light orange.

Documents in the Evolio legal system




Receivables, EPR and insolvency

You will not miss the overpayment

In the middle panel of the receivable, you can always see the status of payment of the amount due. If there was an overpayment, it was not visible here, the user had to look in the Finance tab. This could be confusing, because in one place you have debt and in another you have extra money. We’ve solved this tricky situation by adding an overpayment alert immediately in the report, so you don’t have to study and add incoming payments unnecessarily.

Overpayment of a receivable in the lawyer's program


Productivity with an electronic payment order

We have incorporated features that are sure to please everyone who works with EPR.

  • Evolio is able to fill in the claim number in the applicant’s file number
  • Automatic status change to “S06 – EPR canceled” if a decision is issued by the court to cancel the EPR
  • Local jurisdiction is determined correctly regardless of the capitalization of the address
  • Automatic selection of documents in unsupported format to a folder: EPR – addition

It is also part of the changes clearer orientation when creating an order:

Editing an insolvency application

We have also applied the functions you know from the Electronic Payment Order for the Insolvency Application. You can do this after creating a concept further edit as needed . Don’t have time today? Save your draft and continue to where you left off at any time later. Do you just want an XML file? Evolio can also deliver it!

Insolvency in the file


Subsequent handover to the executor

We will remain with receivables management. The last step with the claim may be handing it over to the executor. It also has its specifics that vary from receivable to receivable. We have therefore incorporated it into Settings templates Handing over for recovery and according to them, the executor will be clearly given, the type of transfer or even the costs of legal representation in the execution according to §7 or §14b. We can also arrange for the signing of attached documents with a certificate.

Transfer of receivables for recovery

The last change in insolvency at hand

Following the example of InfoSoud, we started to display a speech bubble with the last change in management after hovering the mouse over the Insolvency label. You no longer have to open a new page in your browser, which is annoying even if you have a slower internet and you waste valuable time unnecessarily.

Insolvency in the information system for lawyers


And a few more changes at the end

Edits in the subject panel

The subject panel has undergone several pleasant improvements.

  • Evidence of web address
  • Address specification (will also be stated in the hybrid mail)
  • Display the address on the map


Document templates finally with subfolders without limit

There is now no limit to the number of folder immersions in the Document Templates section. So you can create large pattern trees divided into folders according to your ideas.

Additional mail assignment

Outgoing reports are usually linked to a specific case, giving a clear logic for the effective management of the legal agenda. But what if you want to forward a data message that has not been assigned to a colleague? Evolio had no clue as to how to assign such a message. We have therefore given you the option of manually filing these messages, as you are used to with inbox.


Did you get this far? Take a look at the new Licenses and Billing settings

Being transparent is important for building mutual trust. Of course, a lot of things can be solved by phone or email, but who has the time today? We have prepared in Settings the first version of the system for license management and invoicing of other services that are integrated in Evolio. In one place, you have information about the account parameters that you have available under the license. You see a summary of amounts using hybrid mail or the Central Register of Foreclosures.

Attention! This is a beta version. You can find this setting after viewing the advanced settings, the data may not be accurate yet (eg selected license or amount of data consumed). The system is still being calibrated.

In the next version, you will be able to immediately choose a better type of license, without having to contact our mall, subscribe to credits (money) for the use of connected registers.

Trainees and other licenses for legal software

So that’s all from us for this year. We hope that Santa Claus pleased you and we enclose it as well full list of gifts (changes) . Enjoy the Christmas holidays, even though they will be in limited mode and see you at Evolio again next year!