Until the dry autumn weather that accompanies us these days, we have decided to lift your spirits by releasing a new version 20.9.3. Let’s take a look at the most interesting changes, we listened to you a lot. Therefore, some adjustments may seem like a trifle, but may save users time and unnecessary clicks.


Evolio has long offered an opportunity link tasks to calendar in your Outlook. However, it has its limitations, it is not possible to edit the linked calendar. Therefore, we listened to the requests of our users and added the calendar directly to Evolio . We focused on the possibilities of teamwork – you can easily click more users and view their calendars. We thought a lot about the optimal display for more users, in the end the variant won, where each user has his own column in which you can observe individual tasks and deadlines. For the purpose of organizing lawyers’ time, this brings the greatest overview (especially when you select more people).

In the calendar, events are differentiated by priority / label colors. Even these can be easily selected so that you can see only meetings, for example.

The development of the calendar definitely did not end with this version. We are preparing two-way synchronization to your Outlook and mobile devices. We also welcome your ideas and comments – recently it is the user suggestions that determine the next direction of Evolio’s development.

Working with the calendar


Dragging document folders works again

Due to the transition to a newer version of technology, we had to temporarily limit the ability to drag and drop documents. The new version already includes all the functionalities as you were used to. Dragging documents to Evolio is slightly different (the document area is framed so you can better see where the move area is).

Move a document to folders


Changes in the list of bills and invoices for files

An inconspicuous but significant change is brought by the new version in the display of invoices and invoices, pay attention to the following lines !

If the file is part of a larger bill (eg for 5 files), the bill will be displayed in the file. It has a pair of columns where you can see the amount related to the file and the amount of the total bill. A good helper in orientation is the last column, where we see how many files are included in the statement.

The invoice that was issued from the billing is then displayed in the list of invoices. Beware, it has the full amount on it, so it can confuse the user at first (more money is seemingly invoiced in the file). Previously, such an invoice was not seen in the file and, on the contrary, the money was “missing”.



Clearer report of the billing of the file

Experience has shown that clients were missing the amount of reported work in the bill. So we added it. Only reported work is added, items of the type Cash expenses (eg number of kilometers, etc.) are not included in the sum.

Sum of hours


Lubrication is easier in Evolio

Evolio had so far resisted intensive lubrication, for good reason. We acknowledge that we have exaggerated this with those restrictions and have made the deletion of the law file a challenge worthy of the conquest of Fort Boyard. That’s why we spent the whole of September softening the lubrication conditions (at about twelve Evolio locations). We’ve also improved a few reports that now tell you more precisely why a file can’t be deleted. Where the changes took place:

  • Deleting files
  • Deleting documents
  • Delete sent email and date stamp
  • Delete unreported events
  • Deleting payments in the bank
  • Delete Additional Data (UDF field)
  • Delete the entire category and individual events in the event settings.

deleting a file


Don’t overlook: Deactivating and deleting the user

This point is also related to lubrication. Deleting a user is difficult because the user leaves a history behind. It can appear, for example, in work reports. Therefore, in addition to deleting, user deactivation is also available. Deactivation will archive the user – his records remain in the system, but he is no longer inactive and does not have access to Evolia.

Agenda transfer is part of deleting and deactivating. It’s a useful new feature that will allow transfer active tasks, files and other legal agenda to another user . Previously, these operations had to be done manually, now it’s one click away.


Image size in emails resolved

In some cases, the previous version of Evolio could not “keep” the size of the image you set in the email signature. We finally managed to fine-tune it. This also applies to images inserted in the body of emails.

Adjust the size of the image




Bulk deletion of unpaired payments in the bank

Not every incoming payment belongs to Evolio. In the Bank module, such a payment remained unpaired, or it had to be deleted one by one. You now have a feature that handles this in bulk and removes all unpaired ones at once. ATTENTION that you do not delete the desired payments (which have not yet been matched, but belongs to Evolio). If this happens, you would have to write them down manually on the invoices.

Bulk delete payments


Editing foreign marks in the file

So far, foreign tags could not be edited (they had to be deleted and re-entered). From this version of Evolio, you can customize the tags to your liking.

The restriction is only in the case of court marks connected with InfoSoud. Only the type of procedure can be modified there.

File mark editing


Edit a note on a call

Evolio has an interesting function for recording telephone calls. For historical reasons, it was not possible to edit the call note. This is no longer the case from this version. Just click on the note and you can edit it.

Edit a note on a call


We believe that we have brought you additional features that will make your work easier and more efficient with Evolio . In the end, the usual must not be missing list of all changes that we did.