We are announcing again with the release of another version information system for lawyers which brings interesting adjustments. You will find a detailed list of changes here

Improved tasks

We have significantly worked on the functionality of the tasks. With tasks, you can submit work, monitor deadlines, and manage the overall workflow in file management. Therefore, do your homework deserved great expansion . Starting today, you can add documents, process deadlines, and users who approve a task. Other Evolio users can comment in the comments. Will a new task be created within the task? It is not a problem to create an action directly from the task and thus link it with it.

Watch a short video:


More sophisticated job reporting

In this version, we started to record the actual and officially reported time at work, for a clear agenda of the office. It is not always possible to demand payment of the total working time. Type of reward we therefore divided into: hourly, action and fixed amount . You are already used to the Hourly Rate, you will report the same amount of time as you enter. The effective rate works on the principle of accounting within Decrees 177 . When entering official hours, the number of legal acts is calculated. For a fixed amount, the number of hours does not matter, in this case only the amount of the reward is important. At the same time, this information is visible without the need to display work details, so you do not lose track.

Another useful change is the registration of the number of hours included in the flat rate.

Reporting the type of reward

Another point in reporting is the entry of hours that you include in the flat rate. With this step, you can monitor your work at the hourly rate so that you do exactly as many hours of work as the client paid for. Of course, we don’t want to restrict you too much, so you can draw on lessons from previous months if they haven’t been used.


Calculation of the REPO rate

We also focused our attention on specifying the REPO rate. Evolio already takes into account in the calculations the different dates of the beginning of the REPO rate and the interest itself. You will make changes in the calculation for these items in their detail, section Specification .

repo rate


New products Credit, Business Case and General Agenda

A large number of companies with different requirements work with Evolio. Due to the breadth of their portfolio, we have also decided to expand the range of our products by Loans , Business cases and General agenda . The cards are very similar to the ones you already know, and they take over certain parts from them so that they correspond as much as possible to the different needs of the users. You can move another part of your work agenda to Evolio, have a quality file service in one place and save time.



Credit repayment calendars

New products also come with new interesting functionalities. One of them are two new installment calendars, for Loan with annuity payments and also the repayment schedule for Loan with interest payments, principal at the end. These calendars are available in all our products, but you will use them most often for loans. In addition, for each installment, you see its distribution between principal and interest.

Variant for Loan with annuity payments: In this calendar, the borrower pays the annuity, which is a monthly payment that is unchanged throughout. But the ratio of principal and interest payments changes during the repayment – from the beginning, the interest is repaid more than the principal, and over time, the interest decreases and the principal therefore forms a higher part of the repayment.

Variant for Loan with interest payments, principal at the end: As the name suggests, only the interest part of the debt works on the principle of monthly payments, while the last month the debtor repays both the rest of the interest and the entire principal.

Here you will find additional documentation .

Loan with interest payments, principal at the end


Your own bookmarks

We have prepared dynamic bookmarks for you. You create these bookmarks yourself, you create your own fields in them, in which you write down information for which there was no place in Evolio until now. Bookmarking can be done by any more skilled user, but if you grope, together with our documentation this will not be a problem for you. In addition to a job well done, you will also be rewarded with clearly arranged important information in the electronic file in one place. We do not limit their number to one case, so you have a free hand.



Easier email setup

Did you find the settings of the e-mail box more for IT experts? Our aim is to make your work in the law system as easy as possible, so we have made adjustments. Thanks to our new wizard, you can pair each e-mail box with three mouse clicks.

Email guide

At first glance, we have cleared the settings of advanced options. But don’t worry, all features and security system have remained the same, only better hidden. You have a more beautiful look with still the same quality settings!

Email settings


It is certainly worth mentioning edit search box in the top bar, where you can now search by file status. We also modified the appearance for the form used for editing files. We must not forget that the whole section The registry office was renamed the Post Office. In the module Flask you can select any time span to view payments and re-pair them by case number.

We have just introduced you to the most important of the new version 20.7. We want you to be satisfied and excited about all the adjustments just like us and work in Evolio was fun for you! And if that wasn’t enough for you, take a look at detailed list of changes .