A new version of Evolio is coming into your hands , which focused mainly on the functions associated with reporting work in a law firm. We will look at them gradually in this article. If you want to see a detailed list of changes, take a look at our documentation .

New billing per client

Our goal is to make life easier for lawyers and save their time. Therefore, we did not regret our efforts and thoroughly worked out a new way of billing.

The basic goal of the new module is to create billing of all files with one click . If you have the reported hours in order, you really only need to click on the Bill in button Billing Manager . Evolio creates a new statement for the selected client, adds the selected files to it and immediately inserts the reported work, cash expenses and any lump sums. If you don’t want an item in your bill, you can easily remove it or add a new one. Try it yourself 🙂


New billing summary

We will still stay in Billing Manager . Search all bills in different electronic files it is not very effective, so just click on the second tab Issued bills . Here you see the most important information about each bill, at the same time you can filter it by any date and stay in the image of what and when you charge.


Improved reporting when sending a data message

We’ve adjusted the messages you see if sending a data message fails. We sought greater clarity (and less IT skills). Thanks to this, the user can advise himself in case of an error. For example, if a data message was sent in error without a document, the user will now see a message with the exact reason: “The message has been removed from the send queue. It does not contain any documents”.


Display of messages in the bank module

Module Flask works on the principle of sending messages about incoming payments from your internet banking. It is not always possible to automatically process these messages and distinguish them as payments. When this situation occurs, you’ll see a button in the table instead of payment information Bank report . This will download the email (sent by the bank to Evolio) in MSG format and open e.g. in Outlook. You can enter the payment manually, or if it’s an unrelated payment, you can simply delete it.

Interest from another basis

Having OK Finance is a priority for us. We have adjusted the calculation of interest from another basis so that the calculation of interest stops on the day when the principal in the amount of just another basis is paid. If the other basis is higher than the principal, the counting will stop on the day of payment of the principal. Even small things in calculations can do big things in the overall management of the financial side of a case.

Bank – specification of the billing profile for the account

Back to Banks . It is possible to save your time when we automate as many activities as possible. INSettings Banks now you will find the column again Billing profile . Incoming payments will be settled according to the selected profile. This is useful if the account goes to e.g. judgments of the court and the receivables are to be allocated to the finances differently than as a normal incoming payment from the debtor.

It is still true that current payments are settled in a profile that is set on the file – the profile is selected according to the file settings.


Bank and Mail – a new element for selecting a date range

To date, filtering by date in Banks and Mail allowed you to choose from several preset options. We’ve decided to give you more room to filter. You now have more options to choose from. You can choose one of the standard and most used time periods with one click or enter the exact selection of the From-To date.


New financial item – Contractual penalty with a recurring amount

Evolio is also regularly growing with the types of financial items this version is about Contractual penalty with a recurring amount . In contrast Contractual penalty amount the change is that it is tied to the principal and thus entered into the item calculation interval, repetition interval and data From-To / Until payment .

We have successfully started the new year with a new version of Evolio . Our main goal was to introduce innovative billing to the client. We hope we have succeeded, and we hope you enjoy it. But we certainly do not end there, because surely you all know the folk saying: “Both for the New Year and for the whole year.”

If you want to see a detailed list of changes, take a look at our documentation .