With the release of a smaller additional version of Evolio comes several interesting changes, which will surely be appreciated by everyone modernly managed law firm .

Selective download of emails

This is a major improvement for working with emails. Downloading a complete attorney’s e-mail box to Evolio is usually not very effective. In addition to emails related to files and clients, completely unrelated emails will be downloaded. This situation often prevented the use of the e-mail box in Evolio.

Selective download elegantly addresses this traditional difficulty. IN Email settings just check the box Download only for existing entities . From now on, only emails that you have assigned in the contact details of one of the subjects will be downloaded to your registry office.

Forwarding of data with delivery note

We try to make communication with the surrounding world as easy and pleasant as possible for you. Until now, forwarding a data message has only attached a ZFO to the original message, but often a delivery note is useful for more users. For this reason, a new attachment named has been added to the outgoing email Dorucenka_XXXX.zfo .

Improved Skiptracing

From now on, you can search for the subject on the Internet according to the contact details, specifically phone number and email . Verifying the contact details of each subject is thus a breeze.

Search in registers by date of birth

Do you need to find credible information about your client or debtor, but do not have his birth number as a unique identifier? Never mind, with integrations Non-banking register and Register of central records of executions lustration occurs in Evoli on the basis of date of birth, name and surname.

Postage registration

Every sending of a letter mail costs something. That is why we have prepared a box for you at this post office, for the registration of postage. You don’t have to create and search for these records outside of Evolio, so it helps you run a law firm.

Handing over the receivable by email to the executor

For some reasons, some executors prefer email communication, so it is now possible to transfer a claim for enforcement by both data message and email, for each modern executor’s office.

Better financial overview

A clear summary of finances is key to the assessment of the receivable. That’s why they are now in Finance, panel Receivables summary data on unsettled payments and overpayments are also displayed, while the registration of receivables is more perfect.




We also worked on better support GDPR for pseudonymized entities and clarification of the rights to display subjects in and outside the law file.

These are the best little features that will make you love working with Evolio even more. We can promise you that we are already working on others, for a change on bigger things. You have something to look forward to!