The current February version is mainly characterized by changes in internal structures Evolio , but we did not forget to add a few changes that you will know firsthand. Since the new year, we have set ourselves a straightforward goal: to improve the work with Evolio for every user. And we’re starting right now!

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here are the main changes:

  • Significant update to the Evolio kernel
  • New function for backing up documents
  • We can convert a ZFO file to a data message
  • Acceleration of work in the Post Office
  • Work more efficiently with tasks
  • Better cooperation with Outlook

New technologies in the heart of Evolio

After three years of the current generation of Evolio, we are coming up with a significant change in our technological “chassis”. This is the culmination of the changes we started last summer, which included the December transition to higher security with the OAUTH standard.

This time, the change concerns data transfers and processing, which will be reflected mainly in performance stability . Some changes have already taken place and user feedback confirms better responses. The currently released version incorporates the rest of the changes. It is appropriate to ask you for leniency if we have to fine-tune some functions in the first days. We focus on the smoothness of the transition maximum , but it is still a matter of replacing the chassis of our locomotive at full speed.

Clearer messages

The new Evolio chassis can give better info about what is happening. Our goal is for Evolio not to be a black box. We are constantly working on the intelligibility of messages, but wanting programmers to understand texts understandable to people – this is a very big challenge 🙂

Evolio data messaging

Make your own backup of documents

Uploaded documents in Evolio are maximally secured against data loss, but if you want to create another backup on the storage of your choice, this is not a problem. IN license settings you will find button to export all documents. The time to create a backup varies depending on the number of documents. You will then receive an email with a link to download the ZIP file.

NOTICE: After downloading backed up documents, you are responsible for losing the backup or misusing it by someone else. Follow the principles of data security!

Creating a backup of documents for a law firm

The backup of file documents forms the basis of the law firm’s data, so you can create it yourself and this deposit is free of charge . A complete full backup of the Evolio database, including the registry, is possible on request. Creation full backup you have free of charge once every six months under the terms and conditions. More frequent export is charged.

Mail (mailroom) more friendly

We have good news! Working with data and emails is a big part of our users’ work. Therefore, we focused on improving the registry office according to your comments.

  • Mail processing – we have speeded up Evolio’s response when clicking on the mail handling pipe
  • Deleting mail – we have also speeded up deletion and also removed the window asking you to delete it (if you delete mail by mistake, you can restore it from the Recycle Bin). You will now be turbo-efficient when lubricating. Attention! We remind you that mail can also be deleted in bulk.

The above changes will also result in fewer mailing list retrievals, which should improve the overall work with the list.

Deleting emails and data messages in the filing room

Edit invoice number easily and quickly

How to change the invoice number? This was a frequent question from our users. We admit, the number change was awkwardly hidden in the Details under the Variable Symbol. We decided to change in a more natural way. When you click the mouse on number in the invoice header the editing window will start and you will just edit the original number.

Editing a lawyer's invoice


Full data report from ZFO

We’ve launched a new feature that many law firms will appreciate, and that is create an entire data message only with the help of a ZFO file. This is especially useful when switching from another system, when you need to download older messages to Evolio that have already “disappeared” from your data box.

All you need is one – to have a data box set up in Evolio (it is not necessary to download messages) and on the disk of the ZFO computer. Just upload ZFO to the documents in the file and Evolio will take care of the rest. In a few seconds you have created a data message with all the data you need. Our technical support colleagues will be happy to explain and help you.

Reconstruction of data message from ZFO

Collaboration with Outlook

We’ve improved the features that allow you to directly drag an email or its attachment into documents in the file.

Linking software for law firms with Outlook

Bulk marking of priorities in the Calendar

A trifle that can save a lot of clicks and nerves. Calendar tasks can be filtered by priority. When you needed to see calendar entries for only one priority, you had to honestly click all other priorities. You now have options Mark all and Unmark that will do it for you with one click.

Tasks in the legal agenda


Enter the time for the task date

We will stay with the tasks. We modified the component to select a Date by when the task is to be completed. It happened that the users adjusted the time directly, but they could not write the date accurately enough and the task could not be saved afterwards. Therefore, we have improved the calendar selection and avoided manual adjustments.

Choice of task date for lawyers


And what else?

We are constantly fine-tuning details and faster responses to user activity. Thanks to these interventions, it happens Evolio to be stable even during daily peaks, when our databases are the busiest. So that you do not say that there are few changes, we also attach a link to the whole list of adjustments .