We have developed a new partnership with Právo21 to support the legal community

The non-profit organization Právo21 brings law closer to lawyers and non-lawyers in a simple and understandable way. This idea is our own, which is why we decided to enter into a partnership with Právo21.

We like that someone has the desire and motivation to deal with education in legal issues. Who is doing something for free today with a vision to help the community? Few people.

All members of the Právo21 editorial office work without the right to a fee. But spreading awareness costs something – the costs of promotion and operation of the platform itself will not tighten.

That’s why we in Evolio have decided to express support for the legal community and young lawyers. We too believe that spreading legal awareness is an essential step in understanding the law.

Valuable content that you just won’t find anywhere else

In 2016, a media platform was created Právo21which gives the law a comprehensible and human form. So that everyone really understands the law.

The aim of the platform is for people to perceive the law as practical and functional guide on the way to a better world. And it has many useful tools for this, such as:

  • Historically the first a legal podcast called Podcasts21 .
  • Interviews with leading personalities from the field.
  • News from home and from the world, changes in legislation and other topics.
  • Analysis of legal issues.
  • Competitions, reviews, events…

According to the founders of the platform, the law should therefore serve everyone. It will only work if everyone understands it.

If you would also like to support the development of Právo21,contribute here>>