Before the summer holidays and vacations, we bring you some good news – a smaller version of Evolio with the numeral 2021.3.4 has been released. We focused on the details of selected functions, which we tuned to perfection in our law software :).

For example, You can look forward to clearer user licenses, reporting according to Decree no. 177 or changes on the invoice for non-VAT payers. We will also please law firms that deal with receivables management and use EPR.

User license resolution

In the user account settings, the option to select the type of user license for Regular user / Trainee / Client has been added. Thanks to this, you will better distinguish his position within the law firm and you will also be able to work better with the license conditions. We are preparing another use for the Client item in the future!

License conditions for electronic law file

Date tag dragged into the file

Imported data messages, in the form of a ZFO file added to the file, have detailed information about the user and the time of uploading to the selected law file. We thus increase the clarity of the current law agenda. Nevertheless, we recommend link the data box with Evolio directly, you will also use other automatic processes.

Imported data message

Invoice for non-VAT payers

We’ve adjusted the appearance of the invoice for lawyers who are not VAT payers to better suit their needs.

In the picture, you may notice that the VAT number item in the invoice header has disappeared. In addition, the VAT display for transaction items has been removed, as well as the table with the VAT breakdown for these transactions, because you report below the uniform rate of 0 %. The resulting invoice of the advocacy software has a cleaner and clearer appearance.

Invoicing of the legal agenda


Limit tariff amounts for the decree

The calculation for limit transitional amounts for tariff values has been modified. The following rules now apply to the subsequent calculation of the rate per operation after entering the tariff value:

  • Tariff value up to CZK 500 = the rate per transaction is CZK 300
  • Tariff value over CZK 500 and at the same time up to CZK 1,000 = the rate per transaction is CZK 500
  • The value of the tariff is over CZK 1,000 and at the same time up to CZK 5,000 = the rate for the transaction is CZK 1,000
  • The value of the tariff is over CZK 5,000 and at the same time up to CZK 10,000 = the rate for the transaction is CZK 1,500

If the value of the tariff changes at CZK 5,000, the lower rate applies to CZK 5,000, the higher rate from CZK 5,001. Mathematically, this can be expressed as a function (5000< x< = 10,000)

Decree 177 in law practice

Sort email templates

If you use email templates , which saves time by not having to write repetitive texts over and over again, we have one more time saving feature here for you. This is when using them in a new email in the list of pre-prepared templates. It is now sorted alphabetically by template name.

Sorting templates for receivables management

Link to information from the Info Meeting

IN previous version 2021.3 we introduced integration with the InfoJednání service. During its implementation, we did not think of one small thing, namely the order of ordered negotiations. This is because hearing is not always ordered only once during the process. Now, when creating the task, you will be sent a link to the latest court hearing.

Regulation of InfoSoud meetings

EPR Automation: Obtaining the Effective Date of the Judgment

We have extended the automatic loading of data from the InfoDocument into the metadata (properties) of the document. You no longer need to open documents due to the rewriting of the Day of Jurisdiction. What is the procedure for writing a date to metadata? The incoming data message in Evolio is automatically assigned to the file according to the tag, for which the user changes the type of mail to “Judgment with PM”. Attention is needed system type of incoming mail titled “Judgment with PM” (if you do not have it, tell our support about it), other parameters are not essential! Subsequently, the process starts, which in InfoSoud searches for metadata for the document according to the brand (field Our brand in DZ):

  • date of origin (= event Issuance of decision)
  • PM date (= event Date of final termination of the case)
  • issued (= court)
  • brand (26 C 54/2020)
  • type of decision (= Judgment)

Loading legal force through the integration of the Infosoud service into the Evolio lawyer program

EPR Automation: Identification Resolution on ERP Abolition

As part of automation, Evolio can now identify resolutions on the abolition of the EPR in incoming mail. The data message is marked with the given type and information about who issued the document and its reference number are written into the metadata of the document.

Resolution on the abolition of EPR in receivables management softwareConclusion

We have incorporated this version a total of 33 changes , which were designed to improve features that you could already use with the Evolio law software, but we still wanted to hone them for you. Now we have started the big version, which will bring new features that you will surely like, because you chose them yourself!