The first wave of groundbreaking changes from Evolio 20.8 is already behind us, so we bring a few features that we did not catch in the original term. You are coming to you right now!

Unreported activities according to the file

Quality and accurate reporting of work is a priority for us, so we strive for the clearest possible list of unreported activities. We found the solution in the grouping of all activities according to the file to which they belong. To this we have added an orientation time and a decent change of colors, so that it is a pleasure to look at the activities.

change of appearance

File an Insolvency Application

The Insolvency Application has been integrated toEvolio. For now, it’s in Beta, which means that most of the features are running, and we’ll be gradually adding the new features that the application requires.

Filing for insolvency has never been easier! If you are interested, we will help you set up the application process in Evolio, contact us by email

Better email formatting

Many of you missed the formatting of email messages change the size and color of text . We’ve improved this email bar to offer these features as well.

WARNING: We used another component to expand the editor’s capabilities. For some users, this may result in a change in the formatting of the default signature. This mismatch with the new formatting is resolved by setting the signature again (in the user profile).

email formatting

Even better connectivity to Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange

We rely on the connection with emails with Evolio. That’s why we’ve added a new mail server connection provider Microsoft Exchange . This expands the possibilities of working with mail. This is true, for example, when using shared mailboxes and other specialties offered by Microsoft Exchange.

MS Exchange logo

Multiple folders in one click

To generate an Electronic Payment Order (and now also an Insolvency Application), you had to manually create folders for the inclusion of documents. This took time and it could also happen that some components had a typo in the name and the generation of EPR did not go well. This problem is over! In the Documents tab, you can easily generate all the necessary folders and just insert documents into them.

generating folders

Correction in finances

The right records in finance are for records of receivables key, both in its calculation and in its correction. Sometimes it is necessary to change the balance of the debt, but not to damage the mechanism of calculating the receivable. The deduction from the total amount will provide you Correction item which can only have a negative value.

correction item

Completion of the task will be black on white

Fulfilling the task in Evolio worked in the classic way. When the task is completed, it simply disappears from the list of active tasks in the Overview. If s electronic file more people worked, it didn’t have to be clear who had done what and what. For greater clarity, we are task completion they began to write to the Timeline (Timeline).

As usual you have at your disposal list of all changes on the documentation pages.