With a set of sophisticated features you don’t have to worry about Yours data inEvollio

The new version of lawyer software Evolio has recently brought a lot of news. One of them builds on current social needs in the field of data security. In today’s Internet world, personal data and information play a crucial role, which should remain only where we need it. Our Evolio system also corresponds to this idea. We rely on the trust of our clients and make sure that data is approached with caution.

How Evolio takes care of the data

Surely you’ve noticed that Evolio stores data and backups on the cloud, specifically on Microsoft Azure. Which provides maximum security , when it meets compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPPA and other data protection. An interesting fact is that many law firms were afraid of storing data on the cloud from the beginning, which used to be an undiscovered island for them. This has changed significantly in recent years, and independent surveys have also evaluated the cloud as a safer solution.

The actual handling of data in AVE Soft (creators of Evolia) is subject to a strict standard ISO 27001 (cyber security). AVE Soft received certification for this standard at the beginning of 2021.

Free data

In Evolution, we respect the principles of free data. The data is yours and you have the right to obtain it at any time. Not only theoretically, but also with one click. Therefore, we have prepared two options for obtaining a data backup.

The most important thing – documents in the files

You can back up the documents you have in your files once a day – it’s an online feature at no charge. You will get a ZIP file with documents clearly divided according to the files, including all subfolders.

For all the documents to end up on your computer, touch the box Back up documents (for the exact procedure, see the animation below this paragraph). Then all you have to do is confirm that you want to make a backup and you have won, the data export starts. You will be informed about the completion of the export via email, where you will find a link to the ZIP file with the backup (careful, the link is valid only for two weeks).

backup of documents in legal software

Backup of the entire database

A novelty that allows you to make a complete backup of the database. Where lies the function? This involves depositing all cases, invoices, deposits, etc. from the Evolio system. As a system user, you are entitled to a complete database backup completely free of charge every 6 months. Unlike the backup of documents, the backup format is more intended for subsequent machine processing – it is a backup of data directly from the database.

If you are calmer when you back up your data more often, it’s not a problem if you request a complete backup via the box Complete deposit . However, you must take into account that this action will already be charged.

complete backup in lawyer software


With several levels of data backup, you gain the security you need. Evolio stores backups in two Microsoft Azure cloud data centers (in the Netherlands and Germany). In addition, you can create backups for your own use and handle them as you wish.

If you are interested in this topic in more detail, read a more detailed article Backup and protection of my data .